The Tournament

Born to be a player, this moment is mine!

The Tournament Reloaded is the Annual Inter-College Sports Fest of Techno India Salt Lake, organised by Anakhronos. The Tournament is the most intensified chapter under the banner of Anakhronos. Every year, we host more than 30 colleges who fight for pride and glory to don the sports arena. The college premises of Techno India Salt Lake witness the most exciting four days in the month of Spring and indeed it is the most talked about sports fest in the Football Capital of India. The Tournament Reloaded 2k18, in its seventh season, reached new heights by introducing several energetic events to its list which include Futsal, Gully Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Chess, Table Tennis, Sprint, Carrom, Shot Put, Javelin Throw, High Jump, Long Jump and the Indoor Sports Quiz.

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Blood Donation Camp

Real heroes wear no capes!

A pint of blood saves more than prayers. The Anakhronos family advocates compassion and strongly believes in the religion of humanity; and what could be more generous than a heart-warming act of blood donation? Every year the Techno India fraternity becomes the reason of numerous precious smiles by donating blood voluntarily at the blood donation camp set up in the college premises by the Samaritans in association with the Anakhronos committee. The Blood Donation camp was organised on the 2nd of November 2017. We applaud the contributions of all the blood donors for selflessly making donations that will mean a life-time to those in need. This time the donor count was 650, surpassing last year’s record.

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